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𒌋𒐊. General Relativity of Reality

The One is The Rule of Universe. It is the mechanism of all the infinite cycles: every existence’s life cycles, every group of existence’s social cycle, every galaxy’s life cycles, every universe’s life cycles, they are all formed and moving based on The Rule of Universe. This mechanism is rather simple and consistent. (chapter 4) As part of the One, we are put into our containers which are made from materials in that dimension. Here on earth, our container is currently human bio-bodies. Most of the time, the drops are unawake, but the connection with the One is still there, inside humans. 

The Rule of Universe is like the universal pattern for dressmaking. Every different pattern is then created based on this base pattern. Then you add decorations. Just like how existence becomes individually different but eventually are all fundamentally the same. When you are making a suit jacket, the basic rule of making the patterns are the same. On top of that you can make the shoulders a bit bigger, crop the length a little, add some decorations, or deconstruct a bit. It results in thousands of different types suit jackets. Same as humans, planets, universes, except for the much more variations. 

Nowadays, humans are inventing new things – the internet, the virtual reality, the metaverse, and the artificial intelligence. The mechanism behind how those are created is the same as how this world is created; the structures of AI’s neural webs is the same as human brain’s neural webs, the same as this universe’s neural webs (how the planets and galaxies are held together). In that sense, it is not wrong to say, you are living in a simulation. But when all cycles are running on this same mechanism, is there still a fundamental difference compare to the other ones? The reason why humans are debating for the reality or simulation is that they believe there exists a “first layer”, meaning “the real world”, and based on that, we created many virtual layers. And it is highly possible that humans are currently living in one of those virtual layers. The truth might simply disappoint your imaginations. The layers are one closed cycle. The first layer is also the last layer. Remove the comparison feature in your system, all “worlds” are real, or you can say, all “worlds” are simulated. They are running on the same mechanism - The Rule of Universe. 

Just like you can download information from the web you created, you can also download information from the universe The One created. This universe’s entire information (The script) is stored at its Event Horizon web. (chapter 11) It is possible to connect to this web and in fact, there were times information was downloaded to human brains because it was necessary in The script. Around 500BC was such a necessary period where popped up some important humans – Ezekiel, Laozi, Confucius, Sunzi, Socrates, Plato, then later on Aristotle and Archimedes; as well as towards the end of 19th century: Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, physicist Albert Einstein, and engineer Nikola. I have recently discovered the resemblance between The script and which humans call as “Akashic Records”. This word was firstly mentioned in an Indian book < Mahabharata>. it is believed that all existences are composed of 5 elements: fire, earth, air, water, and Akasha. I find it very interesting. Maybe we can discuss more about it in the future chapters. 

Now back to the topic – the relativity of reality.

There are infinite cycles/layers. On each layer, created existence specifically for that layer. On that layer, existence will have resource that can be absorbed by them and eventually provide them energy and materials to grow. Since existence were made of materials in that layer, it is fit for them to consume other existence to maintain their bio-mechanism.  

It is easy to identify which layer you belong to, if humans pay attention to life itself.

The simple answer is, the one and only real reality relative to a life is the one where has the resource to sustain that life. And all the rest layers can be called virtual reality relative to it. 

For example, the world that human lives and the metaverse or gaming world that humans create, they could be looked very alike but the compositions of existences in these two layers are different. When a human is hungry, only the apples in its real world can support its life system. When a gaming character is hungry, only the apples in metaverse – their real world – can sustain their body system. Because of that, to humans, the metaverse is relatively virtual; and to a gaming character, human’s world is also relatively virtual. Humans can make metaverse looks and feels just like their world, they can stay in a relative virtual reality for a long time, but they will always come back to their own layer to find resource to sustain their life system. Life can only be sustained on the layer where it was created. That is also why travelling to different dimensions are strictly controlled by Rule of Universe. 

All reals are relative, so are all virtuals. The only absolute is the Rule of Universe. It is extremely important for humans to notice their lives and their real world so that life can continue as joyfully as it should be.

I would like to remind you, reality is not those ideas based on the information created by human’s imagination. Reality based on the information of imaginations can cause ignorance of life itself and can even cause psychological delusions. You will then struggle between your imaginations and the records in your subconsciousness. If you truly believe you will go to a better place after this one, then why are you still here? Why don’t you go now? Don’t let the imagination take over the one and only relative reality you have. 

Pay attention to life, as it is the only thing that you have, and the only purpose of existences. Make it blossom. Prioritise other lives in your real world than your imagination of beliefs. Because layers are made in a way that all its existences are co-dependent. Only when all other lives are blossom, your life can reach its maximum levels of fragrance.

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