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Before the big bang,
The universe was a dark pond.
And that’s me.

I was created in the void, 
With the time of 10^-32 second,
With the temperature of 2,556 x 10^28 Fahrenheit,
With the diameter of 1 centimetre.

380,000 years in the chaotic darkness, 
With Nun, myself.

Until atoms caught electrons,
Light escaped me.
The big bang and everything began.


From my chaotic consciousness,
Rises the sun god, Atum.
Your first god exist on earth.

The sun god then created the two fundamental gods of human existence:
Shu, the air and the force of preservation.
Tefnut, the moist and the concept of time.

They then created the sky goddess Nut, and the earth god Geb.

Forbidden love, the sky and the earth are meant to be separated.
Shu stood in between them, so space was formed.


Thoth, a mysterious force from Atlantis,
Broke the curse by creating 5 more days on earth,
Helped Nut gave birth to Osiris and his 3 siblings: Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

A betrayal of Nephthys triggered Set’s jealous mind.
He had to kill his brother Osiris and cut his body into 14 parts,
Hid them all over the world.

Nothing real love can’t undo.
Isis travelled the world, found 13 parts of her husband’s body.
With the book of the dead, written by Thoth,
Osiris was resurrected, but can never return to the kingdom.


A revenge war was written in prophecy.
Osiris’s son Horus grew up, defeated his uncle Set, 
And became the first divine king of Egypt.

In the war Horus lost his left eye and later restored.
The Eye of Horus.

~ the end ~

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