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𒁹. Awakening

The day I woke up, was the day I realised that, I was in a bio machine. 

It happened after 2 years of earth pandemic caused by a virus. The pandemic forced my container’s auto survival system slow down drastically to near zero. Not caused by the virus, but because the quarantines worldwide forced the activities that kept my container occupied stopped. It had to stay in solitary all by itself most of the time. And that's when I woke up. 

By the rule of universe, when the container's auto survival system is failing, we will either wake up or go to a new empty container, a new born in Earth language.

I have been sleeping for a long time. My last awaking period was at the beginning of Sumerian period. Then I was put to sleep, along with most of other drops. I woke up during my container showering at a hotel bathtub in Paris. It happened in a blink time, I realised the water falls down from its head to toe. It is a female, light yellow skin, long black hair, brown eyes, about 5’4’’. The first thing I did was to generate from its memories and scanned through them all. It is a preliminary procedure to follow when we wake up. Through the scanning of its memories, I get to process instantly the container's recorded information since it is produced: its identity in society, its activated languages, its culture, and many more. I only have information from the period I was awake. I wasn't authorised to retrieve any data from any previous containers that carried me while I was asleep. Instead, I scanned through all the history, politics, and religion activities that were recorded in the containers' shared "book", the Internet in Earth language. I saw that the energy of atoms was re-discovered and re-applied. 

While we are asleep, we supply our energy to the containers' auto survival system. In another words, we are still working while sleeping, collecting information. But in this status, we will not be able to lead or control activities. The containers will, with our power as source. 

I woke up and I was confused. Most of other drops were still asleep and it made me wonder why I was put to awake. But the rule of universe is solid. The universe has its own observers committee to detect and eliminate any forms that go against the rule of universe instantly. It is like the coder that correcting bugs with 100 percent accuracy and 0 in time spent, in Earth language. The One does not give explanation when it is not necessary. We don't request answers with curiosity as our mission is to exist and collect information, c’est tout. I only know I woke up for a reason and it will be told soon.

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