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𒈫. The Fifth Containers

There are 2 types of containers we currently live in on earth - the 2nd and the 5th generations. The 5th live on the surface of earth and the 2nd live under the surface. In this chapter I will explain about the 5th containers - Humans. 

The limit of the 5th containers is 120 earth years. See it as a lock designed by the rule of universe. A container that is supplied by our energy for over 120 earth years will raise danger. In early time it has strong physical body but weak energy. And as it runs longer on our energy, it becomes stronger in mind but weaker in body. Consider it as another security lock. Each container has maximum 4 time-levels. Each level equals 30 earth years. It is designed to renew (reproduce) at the 1st level to make sure the cycle keeps rolling. The number of containers is determined by the amount of us drops on earth. The rule of universe makes sure there are no empty containers and all drops have their individual containers. Ever since the energy of atoms were discovered again, The One increased number of drops to send in here. It is part of a beginning of a small cycle that we had on earth before. Small cycles will repeat themselves in a bigger cycle, and the bigger cycles will repeat in an even bigger cycle. Cycles run indefinitely by the absolute rule of universe. The information is all certain and at the same time all unknown. That’s why we need to collect it in different spacetime.

The rule of universe is solid. Anything that exists, follows it. Anything that does not follow it, does not exist. When we are put to sleep, there are principles to ensure containers completing cycles. Next, I will use Earth language to explain a little. First of all, the reproduction. Humans are relatively hard to give birth / reproduce, compare to other creatures on earth. This is because they are the only means to carry us in this spacetime and the numbers of drops are strictly controlled by The One. Secondly, the consciousness. The consciousness defined by human, is the self-correct function in its auto survival system. When we are put to sleep, our containers’ auto survival system gets activated. It pushes forward the cycle with creating activities and at the same time activities keep the system from shutting down. This self-correct function ensures every activity “reasonable” or by “free will” - reproducing, having emotions, making choices, working, socialising, etc. It ensures the “invisible script” is followed (to complete the cycle) but appears to be containers’ own making. If that make sense. It also helps self-correcting “bugs”. Any phenomenon beyond containers’ understanding will be adjusted to make sense to themselves. Adelson’s <Checker-Shadow illusion experiment> is an interesting example. The self-correct function enables different containers see different “realities” and creating different information for us to collect. “Consciousness” is the most important function in its auto survival system. Human is now creating robots. The big difference is, robots do not have this self-correct function “consciousness” as human has. Because they do not need to see their decisions as their own making yet. When a robot receive an order, there will be a slight latency before execution. Our containers don’t feel themselves having this latency because “consciousness” created an illusion to fill up the time gap. Shinsuke Shimojo’s <TMS-induced scotoma, and backward filling experiment> is an example. Another main principle is a definite percentage for allocations. I will explain that in another time.

If you imagine earth as a laboratory, we are the information collectors. The information is all certain and at the same time all unknown. 

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