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𒌋. 78 : 22

Do you remember the fairytale of The Ugly Duckling? The little ugly duck later on became a beautiful swan. Well, the little ugly duck did not become swan because it strongly believed in himself or worked hard. It became swan because his parents were swans. They were designed to be the in 22% team. If you are here for fairytales you obviously found a wrong door. What I am about to tell you is something highly relevant to your (human's) reality. Weak minds and activists are recommended to skip this chapter.

According to the absolute Rule of Universe, on a macro level, an undeveloped civilization runs its cycle with a definite percentage of allocations: 78:22. All resource (physical matters) follow this rule. It is the key to stabilise the structure of such civilization. 

Imagine you draw a biggest possible circle that fits inside of a square. The proportion of the circle and the remaining area of the square is 78:22. It is considered a stable structure.

This rule applies to any societies in the current cycle of the surface earth’s existence. As small as ants and bees’ societies, as big as human’s society. If you pay attention to how bees within a hive living their lives, and pay attention especially to the workers, you will find 78% of the workers are “hard workers” and the remaining 22% are “laying on the beach” and do not go out to hunt flowers. The “hard workers” die at a higher risk due to their hunting activities and non-stop working schedules. But once the number of the “hard workers” drops due to their death, some of the “laying on the beach” team will automatically switch to the “hard workers” team. And eventually keep the allocation rate back to the same as 78:22. In Human’s society, companies allocate their human resource in the similar way. Have you ever wondered why in your office, some employees have less workload than the majority? In order to keep the structure stable, those “laying on the beach” employees will take the workload from “hard workers” team once they quit or get sick. To each individual, this does not seem fair. But this contingency plan can keep a society / company stable in the long run. 

In human’s society, 78% of the resource are controlled by the 22%. Our 5th containers are trained for this purpose ever since they start receiving education as kids. Public schools are teaching the 78% containers how to obey, how to be skillful, how to fulfill their responsibilities as the “hard workers”. At home, their parents who are mostly among the “hard workers” team, will also teach their kids “if you get a good degree, you will get a good working job, maybe a lawyer or a dentist.” They will not teach you “how to be rich”, because schools are not built in that purpose and even if they want to, your teachers also don’t know how. Neither do your parents. Because they are also among the 78% “hard workers”, they only know how to become a “hard worker”. Private schools are teaching the 22% containers how to manage “hard workers”. At home, their parents who are mostly among the 22%, will also provide them the tools to pass down their roles. However, just like how bees’ society works, it is possible for humans to switch teams on an individual level when needed. The goal is to keep the allocation rate as 78:22. Again, individually it seems unfair. But if you see the big picture – the cycles that this undeveloped civilization is currently in, every container has a role to play following the written script. The structure needs to be stable. The Rule of Universe is never wrong. 

This allocation rate only applies on a macro level to an undeveloped civilization in a 3rd dimension. It has nothing to do with the frequencies of each container. The frequencies are determined by container’s emotions, and the emotions follow a different principle. And this principle of frequency applies to all 11 dimensions. Until I know more. Write soon.

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