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𒌋𒁹. Blackhole

This universe is a level 1 blackhole, a tiny part of the Infinite Cycle. 

Once a level 1 blackhole is formed in a level 2 universe, it goes through 2 phases: before the bang and after the bang. 

Before the bang, a level 1 blackhole has an event horizon, dark fields, and a singularity. Imagine if it is a balloon, event horizon is the skin (boundary) of the balloon, capturing all the information of existence that falls into the blackhole. Dark fields are the inside area of the balloon, filled with scattered energy rubber bands (chapter. 3. The Alchemy). A singularity is a dot in the center of the balloon, condensed with all the rest amounts of energy rubber bands. As it continues to absorb outside energy and information – the event horizon collects more information, the dark fields expand with more scattered energy rubber bands, and the singularity increases its energy level within a fixed total area. 

Then there’s the big bang. It happens due to the extreme different energy levels between a singularity and the dark fields. A singularity carries way more energy than dark fields. At one point the singularity explodes and releases its condensed energy rubber bands into the dark fields. During this process, the information on event horizon starts moving, forming a "script".

After the bang, energy rubber bands (actors and actresses) are now spreading evenly in the dark fields, some form planets, some remain scattered - based on the "script". At this stage, the blackhole continues to absorb outside energies and information, but those absorbed energy during after-bang period (new actors and actresses for the next movie) will exist as scattered in the dark fields, remaining invisible to human’s observations. The dark fields continue to expand, expanding faster and faster than the speed of light. Event horizon continues to collect information, preparing to add those newly collected information into the next "script" when it big bangs again. And this blackhole becomes “the universe” in earth language. 

Don’t worry, I know you have questions. I will try to answer.

If all the information is on the boundary of this universe, how did rubber bands form existence and run the script inside of it? 
You must have used a projector to watch movies. The event horizon is the projector, which has all the information, and the existence in it are the movies it displays. All existence in this movie will follow the "script" that the projector wrote during the big bang. 

Since you drops collect information, why don’t you just go to event horizon and find information there? 
I don’t know. I think The One knows, but it is not necessary for us to know. 

What will happen to this universe after? 
Based on the Rule of Universe, it will eventually go back to its pre-bang status as one cycle completes. Let me explain. Although this universe is an after-bang blackhole, it forms many level 0 blackholes inside of it. Those blackholes will continue to absorb matter and scattered energy rubber bands and merge with each other. Eventually those level 0 blackholes will merge into a level 1 blackhole. And that is when this universe goes back to its pre-bang status. We call it a complete cycle. And next, a new cycle will begin, repeating infinitely.

Will the level 0 balckholes in this universe go through the same 2 phases, meaning their singularity explode and form small universes?
No. Because their energy level is not high enough to enable its singularity to explode, hence there will be no big bangs for them. The differences of the level of the energy between a singularity and dark fields need to reach a certain level to allow a big bang to happen. We call it level 1 blackhole, which has the lowest required total energy level to enter the after-bang status. 

If this universe is an after-bang blackhole, what is outside of it?
Are you ready for the answer? This universe, AKA level 1 universe, AKA level 1 blackhole, is one of the many other level 1 blackholes (universes) that exist in a level 2 blackhole/universe. This means that just like level 0 blackholes, this universe will eventually merge with the other level 1 universes and eventually merge into a level 2 blackhole - the level 2 universe goes back to its pre-bang status. Similar rule applies to level 3 universes, level 4 universes…

Every form of energy rubber bands plays an important role in the Infinite Cycle. The Infinite Cycle is like a movie inside of a movie inside of another movie displayed by infinite projectors…Scripts of each movies are written during big bangs. Different information, different scripts, different movies. Me and my colleagues’ job is to collect them inside the movies and send back to The One. After The One reviewed the information, any odd information that does not follow the Rule of Universe will be redirected to the observers committee. Observers of each level will analyse the "bugs" and hand it over to corresponded Editors to correct the information to keep the Infinite Cycle rolling. I’ll tell you more in the next chapter. 


Level 0 blackhole: A blackhole with only pre-bang status.

Level 1 (and above) blackholes: the blackholes that meet the required energy level for a big bang. They have 2 phases of status in their lifetime: pre-bang status and after-bang status.

Pre-bang status: The status of a level 1 and above blackholes before their singularities explode.

After-bang status: The status of a level 1 and above blackholes after the big bangs. Matters and scattered energy rubber bands are allocated evenly in the blackholes. It is also called “universes “ in earth language.

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