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𒑆. The Earth Natives

In order to push forward the current cycle, humans were designed to believe that they are the earth intelligent natives. Only when they believe in this, will they seek purposes and goals to develop their civilization in full capacity. Imagine if human knew the existence of a developed civilization living with them and protecting this planet, will they act the same? 

Now it’s time to talk about our 2nd generation of containers as promised in chapter 7 – the original earth intelligent natives. We will need to begin with understanding the importance of the Moon. 

Before the moon came, the earth surface looked like this: 1 day on earth was 8 hours; the speed of earth rotation was 3 times faster. There was only one type of wind on earth – blowing from east to west at the speed of around 80m-90m/second. Due to the strong wind, all plants grew near ground, the mountains were short, the waves were high and strong. Earth’s axis shook constantly causing extreme temperature differences in a day. You would find yourself in summer one second and the next second you experience winter. Most of the plants on earth surface now will not be able to grow under such condition. Moreover, the magnetic field was 3 times stronger. The oxygen level was also higher. This will make animals grow with stronger muscles and become taller, stronger, bigger, and more violent. Unfortunately, most current earth animals and human have biological body clock of 24h-25h/day. They would not survive on a planet with 8h/day. In short, without moon, humans and most of the rest animals/current plants will not survive. Now you know if an alien civilization wants to eliminate human, they just need to destroy the moon. However, as I explained in chapter 7, any developed civilizations that equipped with space travel technology to reach earth have met the three criteria and will not be hostile to other existence in their universe.

With the above knowledge in mind, what kind of creatures would survive in such environment? The creatures with strong, tall body, low center of gravity, rough skins and sharp claws against the wind, sharp voices and strong brain waves to communicate in strong wind. Yes, I am talking about our 2nd generation of containers - the original earth natives. They existed before the moon came. And were later on genetically altered to adapt to the after-moon earth environment. 

They currently live under the ocean and inside the earth. Their civilization is developed and they bear the responsibility of maintaining and protecting the earth. As I mentioned in Chapter 7, any developed civilization would opt to live inside of a planet instead of on the surface. The surface of a planet as a living environment is highly unstable and can expose to a lot of danger from space. This is also why humans weren’t able to observe developed alien civilizations in this universe. 

Our 5th containers were designed to believe that they are the only intelligent existence on earth and they are the natives. It is a security lock to prevent an undeveloped civilization become aware of the existence of a developed civilization on the same planet. The 2nd containers are quietly protecting the earth. I am sure you have heard of the Chelyabinsk Event in 2013. If you dig deeper you will know more. It means that humans as in universe enfants don’t have to worry about protecting the earth or universe. But humans need to have this concern and act on it so their civilization can grow as written in script. And us drops can continue to collect information.

At the end of the day, 78% of our 5th containers will continue to be the majority to push forward the cycle as written in script. With this security lock, I am also able to write my diary and tell you stories without violating the rule of universe.

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