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𒐼. A Simple Question

The mechanism of the universe is a simple equation.

You must wonder, in order to maintain this dimension’s activities running by script, a massive computer with unimaginable capacity to store data has to be behind it. You must think, the complexity of activities in this spacetime especially by the containers’ is beyond a quantum computer’s ability. The path of getting the answer will get more complicated before it gets simple (while the difficulty levels will continue to grow). My container is set to be artistic, philosophical, and sensitive. Dressmaking becomes one of the interests she engages during her limit. Any dressmaker knows, it is easier to create a garment that looks complicated than to create a garment that looks simple (a tailored suit for example). It is easier to live in chaos than to live in peace. As time moves forward, everything gets complicated first and then it gets simple. Time is a closed circle, I will tell you more soon.

In the last chapter you understand that every existence is formed by different frequencies of vibrations of the rubber bands. Every spacetime has a range of frequency. Any existence that vibrates below or above this range will leave this spacetime. It is crucial to ensure containers vibrate within the range of this dimension’s allowed frequency. And they vibrate in variable frequencies within this range to engage in different activities for us to collect information. When it was created by the 4th, a simple question was inserted in the 5th’s auto survival system. This simple question ensures all activities that happen in this cycle “make sense” and keeps most of our containers function within the frequency range of this spacetime. 

This simple question is, WHICH ONE IS BETTER.

Giving our containers the ability to compare, makes all activities “reasonable”. Human can’t recognize the value of an item without comparison. Or would rather say, values are created as a result of comparison. For example, you will be able to perceive the value of an apple only if you were provided the value of a similar item such as an orange. Value creates exchange activities and money was invented as a tool for all that. By comparing each other’s gathered values, social classes formed. With the idea of comparison, individuals begin to “fight for a better life that they deserve”. Then groups and divisions were formed. As small as a family, as big as a country. Then comes the competitions. By comparing each other’s appearances, educations, and culture, reproduction activities increased in varieties. By comparing majorities’ and minorities’ thoughts, rights and wrongs were created. By comparing each other’s experiences, categories and labels were made. By comparing the limits (living lengths) of humans and stones, the crave for longer limits were initiated. Those activities trigger other activities and the other activities trigger further ones, so on and so forth. All are in script, yet still need a trigger to make all scenes “make sense” for the roles in this film.

Giving our containers the ability to compare keeps them vibrating variably within the range of this spacetime’s allowed frequency. The term is emotion. Comparison triggers all different emotions. Emotions determine the frequencies of human's vibrations. From low to high (frequency): shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. All containers function within those frequencies. Any containers that vibrate beyond enlightenment will leave this spacetime, I will explain more in another chapter. 

The universe is self-functioning by linking every existence together by repeating a simple equation. Information that goes through the simple equation infinite times will not be lost, but will be different every time it came out from the other side of the equation. That’s why The One send us to collect in all different spacetime.

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