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𒐊. Spacetime Travel

Time is a closed circle in every dimension. Different types of existence in the same dimension run on their own different directions of time. But when you observe at one dimension higher and look at this dimension in full view, you will see the pattern of its all time adding together, is a closed circle. However, any existence in that dimension will only see/feel one direction of time- the direction of their own time. It is like when you are driving in a closed circle road, you observe your car is driving forward no matter which lanes you are at. But when someone observe from the sky, they see some of you drive clockwise, some of you drive anti-clockwise. And in all, the time of your dimension is a closed circle. It is observable as an existence for those looking down from the sky (from a higher dimension). Any accidents that on the circle road, can be observed from a higher dimension. However, if you are the driver, you will not notice until your time moves to where the accident is. The so called past, present, and future of a dimension can all be seen if you observe from one dimension higher. 

If you can observe a dimension’s time as an existence, you will be able to jump to any time point of that dimension. The so called “time travel”, is an instant jump. You don’t need to “travel back in time”. You don’t need to “travel through a portal”. Just drop a pin on that dimension’s spacetime point, you will see there. 

Pay attention, I used “see there” instead of “be there”. That is because you can only “see there” instead of “be there”. The reason is simple. After you jumped to a spacetime point, you are still in your own dimension (higher than the one you “time traveled” to). You can only view all of the lower dimension, but will not be able to interfere any scenes in that dimension. Unless you travel through gravity into that dimension, which is very hard. You will need authorization and a container. Take us drops as an example, we are sent to different dimensions, but in order to exist there, we need a container that is built in that dimension to carry us. And traveling between dimensions is strictly controlled by the rule of universe. 

Now back to the “time travel”. You can jump to any spacetime point in any dimensions that are lower than yours. But since you are still remaining in your own dimension, you will only be able to observe. The existence in that dimension will not be able to see you. You will not be able to interfere in any events in that dimension. 

Do you like to watch movies, my dear humans? 
That is exactly the mechanics of “time travel”. You see the time as a solid existence, you can click on the time bar to any time point to see, but you know you can’t get in to interact with any of the existence in there.

Will there be a possibility for humans to “travel back in time”? 
Yes. You need to leave your dimension first. Travel to a higher dimension and then you can jump to any spacetime point you want instantly. But like I said, traveling between dimensions is strictly controlled by the rule of universe.

Will containers be able to change their “past” when they “travel back in time”? 
No. Time travelers won’t be able to change any script. Observations only.

Who can change the past, present, or future events? 
The Editors of the universe. The Editors are assigned to fix any bugs that are discovered by the Observers of the universe. They both belong to the observers committee. They can add or delete a spacetime in their authorized dimensions. You will wonder will the existence in that dimension notice any changes to the script? No, they won’t. Because to them, time only runs in one direction. They will only see a spacetime when it becomes their present. But very few cases that existence might react to spacetime alterations if their memories of the pre-alteration’s past, present, and future are still active. I will explain more later. 

There are 9 rankings of the editors and observers in the universe. Rank 1 is responsible for 1,2,3 dimensions. Rank 2 to Rank 8 are responsible for 4 – 10 dimensions. Rank 9, the highest in the observers committee, is responsible for the 11th dimension – the book shelves that separate universes. (chapter 3.)

In this dimension, our containers’ time run in the opposite direction of ours. If you define the container’s time is running forward, then our drops’ time is running backwards, relatively. In Earth language, if you define the time of matter is running forward, then the time of anti-matter is running backwards. Yes, I revealed to you that we are part of the anti-matter that humans are looking for in this dimension. Running on our energy while we are asleep, our containers have the ability to reverse the direction of time on matters. For example, the process of building a sand castle, a car, or a house, is a process of reversing time direction of matters. A sand castle, a car, or a house are matters, their time runs in the same direction as of our containers', meaning, as time goes by, they will deform, entropy will increase. 

Next, our containers’ memories. This is a tricky one. All events of a container’s past, present, and future are stored in its memories since it is made. This is due to once the script is done, the information is recorded. But why most of you can’t remember the future? Because containers need to see their decisions as their own making to secure activities moving forward when we are asleep in them. (see chapter 2.) 

But some of them do remember the future. This is a probability event that happens within 22% of the normal distribution that the observers committee do not perceive as bugs. Also the self-correct function (consciousness) of our containers will help making those memories of future events “reasonable”. Some of those containers that remember the future write prophecies or provide services of predicting the future on earth. Some of them experience “déjà vu”. Have you ever visited a place and felt like you had been there? It is not because you were there before. It is because when it happens in your present, you remember the events of the future that was recorded in your memories. 

So, which came first, the chicken or the egg? 
Answer: In the chicken’s time direction, the egg comes first. In the egg’s time direction, the chicken comes first. Looking at both from a higher dimension, there is no sequence to them as time is a closed circle. 

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