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𒐈. The Alchemy

One is all, all is one.

Everything and nothing exist by every possibilities. With different ways of vibration, they form or deform. 

All the existence in the universe is made of one thing- the energy rubber bands (half circles). They are dancing (vibrating) all the time. Different ways (frequencies) of dancing (vibration) produce different patterns. And the patterns determine the appearances of all existence. 

You might ask, then why the rubber bands in different universes won’t dance together? Imagine you walk in a book store with infinite book shelves. By the rule of universe, all books are attached to their assigned shelves. Books on shelf A will not be allowed to move to shelf B. The books are the existence formed by energy rubber bands, and the shelves separates universes. One exception of existence is allowed to jump between shelves—gravity. It is formed with a paired rubber bands as a full circle. About universes and spacetime travel, I will explain more in another chapter.

We are formed by the rubber bands too. The One send us to the shelves to collect information. We travel with gravity to go between different shelves following the orders of The One. We can observe all existence across all dimensions. The longer our containers run on our energy, the more they can observe too. Before human, we had 4 different types of containers. They were made with different frequencies of vibrations of rubber bands. They had longer limit (life lengths) mostly because drops were awake in them for long periods of time to complete different cycles. 

In the most recent cycles, I was sent to earth with other drops around 400,000 years ago in the 3rd generation of containers. Then we moved to the 4th generation almost all at once around 25,000 years ago. There was a longer transitioning time between the 4th and the 5th generations. The 5th generation (human) was made around 8,000 years ago. The 4th generation fully retired after 3,500 years since the 5th generation was firstly made. 

Atlantis was the last civilization on the surface of earth, where the 4th generation lived. The 4th generation had longer life limit and it observed much more than the 5th. They built their civilizations based on their discovery of the formula to change rubber bands’ frequencies of vibrations. The formula was written down on a board manufactured in Atlantis and was later brought to the black land by Thoth. The black land is where now human calls Ancient Egypt. The formula is what now human calls Tabula Smaragdina. 

There are two key elements in Alchemy. The energy rubber bands and the formula. The 5th generation is now focusing on discovering energy rubber bands. But in a different path and this process is providing different information. Human begins this by summarising the M theory and looking for gravity rubber bands. They built a machine CERN, it helps pushing forward the understanding of energy rubber bands. But the current mechanism of this machine will not be able to discover them. The formula needs to be found before rubber bands get discovered. It is the formula to break down every existence into rubber bands and as well as reforming rubber bands into existence. It is a simple formula of frequencies. It will be discovered by the 5th generation in the near future, as part of the written script.

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