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𒐍. The Perfect Imperfection

After combined with the 3rd containers’ and earth creatures’ DNA, a new model came into being. They were officially released and took over the control of the earth surface 25,000 years ago. You can still find their images on the walls in Egypt temples. They are slightly smaller than the 3rd but still bigger than humans. They have 3rd containers body shapes and earth creatures’ heads. They cannot reproduce by themselves, only cloned. But in order to clone them, 3rd containers’ DNA is required. It became impractical when all 3rd containers were retired. And that’s why we reuse the same containers by reactivating them. I will talk more about it later in this chapter.

The 4th containers were firstly made near the Persian Gulf, where the 3rd containers firstly arrived on earth and sent the “Eyes” squad down to the ocean. Then they were released in many places - Atlantis, Egypt, south-west China, Japan, etc. – and started to build their civilizations with the memories activated from their DNA (the 3rd containers’). With the 3rd containers’ memories, the 4th were able to build cities fast. The accurate information of astronomy helped agricultural developments. The Formula of Alchemy helped building facilities. Both of them helped generating resource/energy from the galaxy. Inherited from the 3rd containers, the 4th continued to use the sexagesimal system to calculate time. 60 seconds is a minute. 60 minutes is an hour. A year was 360 days. However, when Thoth arrived at the black land – Ancient Egypt, it announced 5 extra days. Because we need to clone 4 historical containers to run Egypt, by script. We needed that extra 5 days. And this is how 365 days came into being.  


It was a city built by the Formula of Alchemy (chapter 3). A circle evenly divided and the numbers 3, 6, 9. The shape of Atlantis was mimicking the shape of their creators’ (the 3rd containers) planet. At the center island of the Atlantis where the oldest 4th containers lived, was built with red, black, and white rocks. The colors reminded them where their creators originally came from – the planet with black and red soil, located between Mars and Jupiter. With the right frequencies, energy rubber bands could float against gravity. Energy rubber bands formed into matters, matters formed into architectures. 

Around 12,000 years ago, the entire Atlantis was shoved onto west Africa land due to a storm. The survivors, including Thoth kept moving east till they reached the black land – Ancient Egypt. Thoth took the Tabula Smaragdina with him. With the 4 historical containers we cloned under the leadership of Thoth, Ancient Egypt began to develop. The 4 containers were later on worshiped by the Egypt humans as: Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. 

Ancient Egypt 

Thoth shared the Formula of Alchemy which was written on the Tabula Smaragdina with the rest in the black land. He was the main leader in science and technology. With the formula to move/form/deform matters, pyramids were built. Before I tell you the use of pyramids, I will need to tell you more about the 4th containers.

If I use language you can understand, the biggest difference between the 4th and the 5th is that the 5th “reincarnate” while the 4th “revive”. Due to the fact that the 4th containers cannot reproduce by themselves and to clone them requires 3rd generation’s DNA - which we don’t have after they retired - we “revive” the 4th containers when they expired and put new drops in them. This is also why the 4th containers can freely marry their sibling, parents, and children. Because this won’t affect them genetically. And since they have long life limit, it would be difficult to trace family trees and avoid falling in love with your own grand grand-father or grand grand-daughter. But the 5th containers were later on mimicking the 4th- marrying with containers from the same family tree – and caused genetic problems. It mostly happened in “Royal Families” who claimed as descendants of their “gods” (the 3rd and 4th containers). 

When a 4th container is retired, we reactivate its system and insert drop sent straight from the universe. There are many drops' travel “stations” in the universe. The closest central station from earth was at the Orion’s Belt. The steps of reactivating a 4th container were written in Book of the Dead. Each container has its own Book of the Dead. Thoth was in charge of that. 5th containers continued this tradition as mummies. But since 5th containers can reproduce by themselves, this re-activation feature is not necessary for them. We do not reactivate 5th, we utilize newly made ones- so called “reincarnation”. That is why the humans were discovered many years later wrapped in bandage in the tombs. They cannot be “revived”. When a 4th container was reactivated, a drop will be sent into it. The entire process was completed in Pyramids. 

Pyramids were the transmitting facilities of earth station, as well as energy generators at that time. Due to the more advanced civilization that the 4th built, the earth’s energy resource was not enough for them. They utilize pyramids to receive energy from the galaxy. The blueprints of the pyramids are now in a library under the Amazon Rainforest. The closest invention by the 5th containers as pyramids were made by a human named Nikola Tesla. It is called Wardenclyffe Tower. Such inventions would not exist in an undeveloped civilization. Until All Unite as the goal and share resources to all, a machine that provides free and unlimited energy will be destroyed by the civilization itself (chapter 7).

During the process of transitioning from the 4th containers to our latest 5th, we stopped building Pyramids. They became obsolete when the transitioning was fully completed.

The Perfect Imperfection 

Just like the transitioning between the 3rd and the 4th, 5th was created and co-existed with the 4th for a while. The 4th containers fully retired around 4,400 years ago. Humans, animals, and plants were put into a floating bubble to avoid the electric flood caused by the magnetic pole shift. 

When the 5th (Human) was firstly made, they could reproduce individually. By the Rule of Universe, existence is created in even numbers. DNA was made in pairs, same as the containers. The first version of humans had 4 arms, 4 legs, and a head with two faces. One side was a woman, the other side was a man. 

But the first version did not help us collect varieties of information. Because they were able to just be alone by themselves and the society did not have enough activities to push the cycles forward. So we cut them in half. A man and a woman. After that, the social activities increased drastically due to the mission of reproduction in the human’s auto-survival system. They will spend their entire life looking for the missing half. Some of them found it, some of them still looking for it. They gave the other half a beautiful name - Soulmate. 

Now we have created the perfect container that can collect the maximum amount of information while reproducing by themselves and pushing the cycles forward efficiently– The fifth container: Human. 

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