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𒐌. The Three Criteria

There are two categories of civilizations in this universe: the undeveloped and the developed. It is defined based on probabilities of advancement, not the actual progress of development. The undeveloped civilizations have zero probability of advancement. The developed civilizations have the rest. The developed civilizations meet all three criteria: 1. All unite is the goal. 2. Understand the Rule of Universe. 3. Form organizations based on the Rule of Universe. Any civilization failed any of the above, are categorized as undeveloped/primitive civilizations. As you can see from the three criteria, any developed civilizations do not pose threats to other civilizations. 

To reach the three criteria requires a civilization to overcome comparisons, to overcome the concepts of competitions/winning/success. The reason is simple. The technology requirements of making weapons are lower than the technology requirements of traveling in this spacetime (to another planet, for instance). This means that in the timeline of any civilization, weapons will be invented before spaceships. If a civilization does not give up on comparisons, they will not see all unite as the goal. They will restrain their own developments. Their civilization will eventually end by themselves and restart. In earth history there were a few times civilizations ended and restarted. Discovering the energy of atoms is the mark of a cycle named “Acceleration”. Every time when it happens, The One increases our drops quantities on earth. It is the last cycle for an undeveloped civilization. After this cycle, the civilization either end and restart or become developed. It all depends on if humans can overcome comparisons while prevent auto survival system from shutting down. If they can, it will be new information, a singularity will be created. None of us know what information will it bring. Because singularity is from an unknown script. It is a key to break a cycle or invent a new cycle. The One calls it the “Artist”. Overcoming comparisons will eliminate activities that caused by it: all competitions and value exchange activities. The allocation rate (I will explain soon in another chapter) of undeveloped civilizations will break. Money will no longer exist. Governments/Hierarchies will no longer exist. Languages will become one. All resource will be shared and consumed openly. All thoughts will be connected. All unite becomes the goal. All will be seen as The One. Hence, the rule of universe will be discovered and followed. 

In this dimension, a few developed civilizations visited human throughout spacetime. They visited more frequently in recent years ever since human discovered energy of atoms and entered the Acceleration cycle. As the existence in one universe is all connected, they care about human’s developments. Their goals are to observe, protect, and indirect help. They tempt to let humans know their existence, to guide humans achieve the three criteria. But they cannot directly interfere. Direct help is against the absolute Rule of Universe. Any information that they give humans cannot have a direct impact on human’s development. Many hints were given to humans about their existence. Pay attention to three things built on 30th parallel north- Ur city, Giza pyramids, and Sanxingdui. Pay attention to flying objects near nuclear plants. Pay attention to the memories from your sleep. Some of the developed civilizations came visit and left. One of them live on earth. 

By Rule of Universe, no undeveloped civilization is left unintended. If there is an undeveloped civilization on a planet, at least one developed civilization in the same dimension needs to be on that planet as well. It is like you don’t leave your three-year old child at home alone. Each dimension’s civilizations develop as one, like a family. Different dimensions do not interfere with each other regarding civilization developments. 

Currently on earth, there is a developed civilization, living under the ocean and underground. The more a civilization develops, the further away from a planet’s surface it inhabits. Living on the surface of a planet expose to more danger. This civilization observes, protects, and indirectly helps human’s civilization. They are our 2nd generation of containers. They have been existing on earth for more than 250 million years. 

Before I introduce them, I want to tell you more about our 4th generation of containers and how the 5th came into being. Be in touch soon. 

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