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𒐋. The Sky And The Land

Before earth I was carried by the 3rd generation of the containers on another planet in the solar system. It was a small planet with black red soils and it has much weaker gravity forces. The existence on that planet were many times bigger than the ones on earth, so did our 3rd generation of containers. They were “human-like” but much bigger. Their life limit is 360,000 earth years. 

We were collecting information on that planet until the final apocalypse arrived. I still remember that day. The magnetic poles tilted from vertical (north and south) to horizontal (east and west). The planet was pulled away from its orbit and got closer and closer to the sun. It was heated and burning everywhere. When it happened, we were already in the spaceships on our way to earth. Everything as predicted, and yet everything was unknown to those survivors. That planet does not exist as a whole anymore. It was located between Mars and Jupiter. 

We were awake in our 3rd generation containers when we arrived on earth. That was 400,000 earth years ago. In order for us to continue collecting information on earth, we need to create a more adaptable model of containers that can complete cycles in the new environment. When we arrived earth, we did not land immediately. We floated in the sky for a while. The gravity force on earth was too strong for our containers. They would have to crawl instead of walking on land. The 3rd generation knew very well of the solar system. Since they have a long life limit and supplied by our energy, their civilization was very advanced. As planned, we firstly decided to send a squad down into the ocean to search for materials we need for making the new model. It was a squad of “Eyes”. They are not containers but bio-bots invented by the 3rd containers specifically for this earth immigration mission. “Eyes” are very tiny, shorter than humans, big eyes, silicon-based, three long fingers on both arms and legs. They have no organs, no ears, and their noses and mouths do not function. They don’t need to eat, breathe, or drink. They cannot hear neither. Their bodies are more adaptable on earth than the 3rd containers. They will not get harmed by earth bacteria and viruses and they are a little easier to walk against gravity. “Eyes” have X-ray visions and are extremely sensitive to sunlight. They cannot reproduce by themselves, only cloned. 

The “Eyes” took many creatures back to our spaceships: fish, snakes, cats, birds, crocodiles, lions, cows, etc. 3rd containers were very advanced in biology and DNA editing technology was matured. We know they will not be able to survive for long unless mix their DNA with creatures on earth - make a new model. We can exit 3rd containers and get into then existed creatures on earth. But those creatures were very primitive. We need 3rd’s DNA to start a new cycle here. In last chapter you understood all events of a container’s past, present, and future are stored in its memories since it is made. Here I am telling you another rule: DNA records memories of all past, present, and future of the entire species. However, they are locked by default. They will be unlocked during each “singularity” transitioning periods. This can only be initiated when we are awake in them.

The experiments of new models went on for 375,000 years. During these years, creatures on earth worshiped the 3rd containers, passing down their name translated as “The Sky and The Land”, in Akkadian is “𒀭𒀀𒉣𒈾”/Anunnaki/. By editing/adding/revising their DNA into those earth creatures’ DNA, the 4th generation of containers were created. They have 3rd containers bodies and earth creatures’ heads. Now they can walk on earth and adapt to the oxygen levels, heat levels, magnetic fields, earth bacteria and viruses. They worship the 3rd containers. They cannot reproduce by themselves, only cloned. 

We moved in the 4th generation when it’s time. It was around 25,000 earth years ago. The 3rd generation’s auto-destruct system were activated and just like an electric flood wiped over, they retired to different energy forms.

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