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𒌋𒈫. Universe TV

The script of a universe's cycle is formed during big bang and stored on its event horizon. The event horizon is a projector making shows based on its formed script. Now let’s dive into how universe TV series are made.

There are two levels of script: the individual script for each episode and the full script for the entire series. The individual script of an existence- past, present, and future is stored in the energy rubber bands that made its physical presence. The full script of the entire generations of the existence is stored in its DNA since the first one was made. All scripts are originally sealed. The full script in the DNA is strictly sealed and can only be unlocked by us drops during certain transitionings. Individual script is unlocked by spacetime. Every action follows the script. Once the action is done, the unlocked individual script will be perceived as “memories” that existence “remembers”. For example, our fifth container – human. When the first human was made, its DNA stores the full script of this kind and pass down to all its descendants, the entire series. When a new human is born, its body stores the individual script for its lifetime, the episode. As time goes by in this episode, unlocked script will be perceived as collectable information and made known as “memories” to this human. 

As a cameraman, I transfer the videos back to The One when I film them. If you ever participated in acting, you might know that the actual scenes might not be exactly as in the script. Sometimes the actors and actresses decide to improvise or “go with the flow”. The One enjoys to watch a improvised scene based on its script. It shows the creativity of the actors and actresses, forming better quality of the information. However, if the improvised scene went against the Rule of Universe, the scene (information) will be flagged. The flagged information will be sent to each jurisdictions of Observers committee for a “post-production”.

In chapter 5 I talked about the structure of observers committee. It consists of two departments: The Observers department and the Editors department. Each of the department has 9 subdivisions, responsible for different dimensions. Rank 1 is responsible for 1,2,3 dimensions. Rank 2 to Rank 8 are responsible for 4 – 10 dimensions. Rank 9, the highest in the observers committee, is responsible for the 11th dimension – the event horizon that holds the script of this entire universe.

Now let’s make an example to show you how will Rank 1 operate if an information is against the Rule of Universe. By Rule of Universe, in the same dimension, a developed civilization shall not provide direct help to an undeveloped civilization. Suppose our 2nd generation of containers (chapter 9) decide to announce their existence and provide our 5th generation (humans) their technology of utilizing energy directly from the stars. After humans realize an advanced civilization is on this planet and they have better technology, they would derail from their own path to the Three Criteria (chapter 7). Suppose human will tempt to attack out of fear, the balance will break. Suppose the above events happened in a spacetime and this information was sent to The One. The One will flag the information and redirect it to the Observers committee. Once the Rank 1 observers receive the information, they will mark the spacetime period from the minute the 2nd generation sparks the idea of announcing themselves to the minute of present. Then they will send an instruction to Rank 1 Editors to alter this specific spacetime period. Once the Editors receive the instruction, they will open their “editing software”, select the exact spacetime and delete it. Depending on the situation, they would either choose to edit or delete. Now, what will humans and 2nd generation feel after the alteration? They will not detect it because their time flows in one direction. Suppose the Editor deleted a spacetime of April.1st – May 1st, both humans and 2nd generations will restart from March.31st. In general, developed civilizations understand the Rule of Universe and have organizations based on it. Most of the committee’s “headaches” come from the undeveloped civilizations. 

What if spacetime alteration is applied to an individual event? Imagine in a past scene, the actor was supposed to wear a suit, but instead he worn a tank top and shorts, all the other actors and actresses witnessed him wearing a tank top and shorts. Instead of alter the past scene, the Editor will “photoshop” a suit on him in the episode/publications/photos released in the present. When those who witnessed him wearing a tank top and shorts see the altered episode in the present, two scenarios will happen: most of them will believe he was wearing a suit on set, justified by “consciousness” in their auto-survival system (chapter 2); some of them will raise doubts as in “I’m sure he was wearing a tank top and shorts. I even took a photo on set. But the photo on my phone shows he wore a suit? This can’t be right.”, eventually justified by “consciousness”. As long as the latter do not exceed 22%, this alteration is succeeded and the script is secured. Our 5th containers call this the “Mandela Effect”. 

Once Editors finish the work, they will submit the edited information back to the observers. Once validated by the observers, the final information will get transmitted to The One. Space alterations are way more complicated than the above examples. Different dimensions have different rules to follow. The higher the dimension, the more complicated situations can be. The Rank 9, who is responsible for the script of the entire universe, is a myth to us drops. We were never sent to event horizon, so we don’t get to work with the Rank 9.

Recently I came across an interesting sci-fi novel named The Three-body Problem. In the book, it mentioned about a theory called “dark forest theory” – this universe is a dark forest, every civilization is a hunter with a gun. The universe has limited reso
urce and all hunters have the priority to survive. They are all hiding in the dark. If any civilization exposed its location, the others will come wipe it out. This is a reasonable theory made by an undeveloped civilization caused by its auto survival mechanism – comparison (chapter 4). 

The truth is, everyone has a place in this universe. The Rule of Universe makes sure of that.

Only when you understand the absoluteness of the Rule of Universe, will you live in peace and harmony. All developed civilizations in this universe understand that. The more you develop, the further you can see the script, the more willingness to follow. If human civilization meets The Three Criteria, the universe will show them more information. Wish Fermi could see that. For the rest humans, hopefully soon. 

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