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𒌋𒐼. The One

What’s yours are changeable information, but who are you is certain and is a known information. We are all drops, part of The One. When we are sleeping in the containers, slowly the distinction between who we are and what’s ours gets blurry. This is a necessary process in order to produce changeable information. In another words, the confusion of who we are and what’s ours stimulate actors/actress’s improvisations in the film. If a film’s script is certain, the improvise creates an unknown version of it. Only containers can create changeable information. There are many different kinds of containers in universes, existing in all dimensions, producing unknown information. They are the “aliens” that humans perceive. In fact, they are all us too. The rest existence copies the script, by nature.

Your body is yours, you can change a part of it and recognize the new part is yours too. You can even perceive an object, another container, is yours. This information is changeable and can be unknown. But who we are, is an absolute answer. Existence change patterns by vibrating on different frequencies, we don’t. Because we are the undissolved part of The One. 

The good or the bad are the concepts agreed by the majority of humans and derived from its special feature: compare. In reality, the unknown information depends on possibilities and observations; the known information is the scripts of cycles; the fixed information is The One and Rule of Universe. 

Everything in universes comes in pairs. The One is Rule of Universe, Rule of Universe is The One. We are the infinity cycles. 

I’m going to explain it in a three-dimensional way so you can imagine. At the beginning, none of the cycles existed. It was quiet and still. There is only The One. We were all in the ball-shaped pond, quiet and still. Suddenly The One began to twist. It started to move and twist with Rule of Universe clockwise and anti-clockwise, on all its cross-sections. The shape is like a DNA. Accompanying the movement, The One dissolved its parts into rubber bands. The rubber bands began to form existences: nucleus, neutrons, electrons, photons, falling everywhere. Gravity rubber bands were also formed. Unlike other rubber bands, gravity formed as a transportation map of the infinity cycles, carrying other rubber bands to the places where they need to be, by Rule of Universe. Gravity came through in all cycles, the rest rubber bands were separated in different layers of cycles and in different layers within a cycle. Continuing the movement, more cycles were created in cycles…Until everything falls into its own circular movement. If you imagine The One is half of a DNA shaped object moving in circles, the Rule of Universe is the other half, but they are both the same thing. A little difference from the DNA you know, The One itself is like an onion. It’s beginning is its ending from every direction. Every circle connects to each other just like The One connects to itself. They are locked in, from all directions, united like an onion, moving by the mechanism of one simple equation, sticking on the Rule of Universe.

This is not the beginning of one universe, this is the beginning of all movements of infinite cycles. The beginning of one universe, is also the ending of it, you can know more in chapter. 11 Blackhole. It is just a very tiny part of the infinite cycles. 

We are part of The One. Everything that we create, we create it in The One’s way, they share the same mechanism, followed by the same rule. There is no need to overheat discussions of simulation. If you can truly see life as the way it is, you will not break down existence into different categories. What’s real, what’s simulated, what’s meaningful, what’s special, are all just categories that blind your eyes. There is no need to fear for what we are creating, as it is part of the script and part of a cycle. Replacements of containers will happen, but no rubber bands will cease to exist, just different patterns of vibrations. The only absolute is Rule of Universe, is The One. And us drops are part of it.

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