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𒌋𒐈. Spacetime Travel II

In the previous spacetime travel diary, I showed you how to observe the past, present, or future of any dimension that is lower than yours, AKA “see there”. Today, I want to tell you a little bit about to actually “be there” – traveling between different dimensions in this universe. 

Every dimension has its pre-set range of frequencies. (chapter. 4) Existence that are created in its dimension all vibrates within this range. Each pattern of existence has its own range of frequencies. For example, stones and our containers are two different patterns of existence and they have different range of pre-set frequencies. When an existence vibrates outside its range, it adjusts into a different pattern of existence which vibrates within that range. But, no matter how the frequency changes, it always vibrates within the dimension’s frequency range, by Rule of Universe. The “revives” of our 4th containers in the pyramids were to adjust their rubber bands’ frequency back into their pre-set range so that we can continue to utilize them. (chapter. 9)

Our 5th containers’ frequency changes based on emotions. From low to high (frequency): shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. The higher it vibrates the better it utilizes our energy, the better it functions. 

No matter what frequencies an existence vibrates at, it stays on the shelf, meaning it stays in its dimension. With that being said, humans bodies will not be able to travel through dimensions, because they are created in this dimension and they stay in this dimension. As a drop, we are allowed to travel between shelves. But we don’t know when until we receive the order from The One. Just like all existence, we cannot see our own script or our timeline. If we are awake before our containers expire, we will receive a signal. Otherwise we will wake up after our containers expire and we follow the instructions of where to go next. After my current container expires, I could either continue to collect information in this dimension in another container, or go to another dimension, or go back to The One. Going back to The One is the final destination for me. When I say “me”, I mean all the information that I have collected, my “memories”. I will submit them to The One, and reset back to Zero. This usually happens when this universe is towards resetting back to its pre-bang status. (chapter. 11) It will be towards the end of the entire script of this cycle of the universe. 

If at the end of this container’s existence, I receive the order to go to another dimension, the gravity rubber bands will transfer me there. They are the only transportation tools between dimensions and must be authorized by The One. After I arrive at a new dimension, I will be provided a new container which is created in that dimension. You must wonder, it must be exciting to have this job. Well, as a drop, I do not have emotions and the rubber bands that form us do not change frequencies based on emotions. We form in this way so we can complete our mission of collecting information without disturbance. In fact, emotion is very rare in this universe. It is the precious tool to create new information. It is the reason why the scripts are certain, but the information remains unknown.

Recently my container is regaining activeness of her functions. I have not been awake most of the time. I hope to write to you soon. Next time, I will tell you a bit about spacetime travel between level 1 universes. Stay tuned. 

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